Thursday, April 21, 2011

Want to be on my (walking) 10Kato team?

So, a few weeks ago a woman from the 10Kato phoned me and said they wanted me to run the race to help raise awareness about the 15th anniversary of the event. I was not at the time, nor am I now, in the shape to run 10 K's. I can't even visualize what 10 K's looks like, but I'm assuming more than, say, one minute of running would be involved. So I politely declined and terribly disappointed this woman who seemed to be banking on my "yes" at the time.

This morning at the gym I had the idea of just doing the walking portion. I can walk two miles, for goodness sake, and I'm betting a lot of you who have been so kindly following my blog can too.

So how about we do it together? We can get a huge team together, maybe all wear something that's the same so we look like a team, and take a morning walk on Memorial Day weekend -- which HAS TO BE warm by then, people. I can get to know some of you, and it's all for a good cause. Sounds fun, right?

So the 10Kato is Monday, May 30, and the start is at Dickinson and Emerson streets. Registration before May 13 is $17, it's $20 after May 13, and it's $25 the day of the race. There are brochures with registration forms to mail in at the Y, or go to this site and print out the form there.

E-mail me at if you want to join my team. I hope you do!

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