Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lonely circuit training and the race to 50

This morning was really the first time that I did circuit training without Jackie. It was weird! I can honestly say I did all the reps and sets that I set out to do, and I didn't decrease weight just because she wasn't there watching.

...I did, however, wuss out on cardio. There was no cardio onslaught between circuits, such as, but not limited to, burpees, mountain-climbers and THE STOOL. I noticed that the lack of those exercises made the hour much easier, which isn't a good thing, I suppose. So I think I'm going to have to work those things back in. Jackie would pee her pants with happiness if I told her that I ran the damn track in her absence. She's big on running.

The weirdest part of this morning was having boys wandering around the room benching a ton of weight while I was doing my little squats in front of the mirror. It was easier to do that in public when I had a trainer who was obviously telling me to do it. Now I just look like the weirdo in the corner bending over in front of a mirror.

On the weight front, I've been too scared to check how I'm doing. By this weekend, my goal is 50, as I'm sure you recall, since I've said it like a billion times. I think this number will be the last that I obsess about. It makes me nervous. When I get fixated on being at a certain weight, my instinct is to be unhealthy to get there. So, after 50, slow and steady wins the race, and who cares what the number is when I'm feeling so good about where I'm at?

I can't wait! I hate worrying like this.

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