Friday, April 22, 2011

My campaign to outhit PucKato (Hi Shane)

For whatever reason, you're reading this blog. You are! Right now! That's so awesome. My readership has steadily increased the past four months to something crazy like more than a thousand hits a week. I can hardly believe that. It's so exciting!

In the midst of my "way to go" from the boss, he said, "That's about as many hits as PucKato." For the one or two of you who don't know, PucKato is hockey writer Shane Frederick's blog about the Mavvies. None of us even bother being competitive with our blogs because it's a given that Shane will always win the hits contest, and the rest of us will just be happy with our small, but loyal readerships. (Except for Ed Thoma's baseball blog, of course. He blows us all away, including Shane, by an obscene number of hits. Y'all have proven your love of baseball, that's fo' sho'.)

Anyway, my boss's innocent little comment sparked a tiny bit of a competitive drive in me. "About as many hits as PucKato" ... does that mean an equal number? More perhaps? Hmmm ... Shane is my cubicle neighbor, so naturally I turned right to him and announced the news with a big smile on my face. His reasoning was that, of course, it's not hockey season, so fewer people are reading, and I wouldn't be able to hold a candle to him in the winter. ... True.

But right now, I want to beat him. Just once. I want to say, "For one week, I got more hits than PucKato." How cool would that be?! So I'm going to post something new every day, and I promise it will be super interesting stuff.

So come back often! Hit me, readers!

(P.S. Shane likes the Packers. A lot. Just in case that might incite some of you to hit refresh a few hundred times on this page to help me win.)


  1. Amanda,

    You make me laugh!! The P.S. part was great!! :)

  2. Uh, Amanda, you forgot to post a link to this fabulous hockey website:

  3. It's on, PucKato! My readers would never click that link. Neva!

  4. Shane kicks my behind during hockey season, and sometimes when it's not hockey season. You have an ambitious goal there, young lady.

  5. Thanks, Ann! You're the best. And thanks for the hit, Ed. Hit me back tomorrow. And the next day!