Monday, August 30, 2010

And the worst dressed of the Emmys goes to ...

It's tough picking out just the right gown and matching it with just the right jewels and hairstyle. So it doesn't seem nice to tear someone down who obviously took a great deal of time ... oh, what the hell. And the worst dressed award goes to ...

"Modern Family's" Ty Burrell and wife. I HOPE she was joking.

Best dressed, by the way, goes to Claire Danes. LOVELY.

Have a look yourself and decide.

Coolest Emmy intro ever ...

Here's the "Glee" version of "Born to Run," with a little help from Tina Fey, John Hamm, Jimmy Fallon and others.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Oscar buzz again for Hilary?

There's Oscar buzz surrounding this Sam Rockwell/Hilary Swank movie already. I'm excited to already be hearing the words "Oscar buzz" again, because I love that season of movies. But I don't know ... looks a little melodrama-y. What do we think?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I love polka-dots!

I love polka-dots! A.J.'s dress Thursday night was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was a navy and white polka-dotted fabric. Very Audrey Hepburn. Loved the cowl neck and the black bow around the waste. By far my favorite dress.

The hat challenge overall was pretty fun. The designers had to design garments that worked well with large statement hats provided by a guest designer on the judge's panel. I'd say his name, but I can't remember it, and none of you would probably recognize it anyway.

Most of the designers did pretty well. But for once, I actually agreed on who did the worst: April for her three-tiered panty shorts, and Kristin for her raggish "irish" dress. (Kristin went home.)

I was floored by Christopher being in the bottom 3, though. I thought he was going to win! And they hated it. He made this edgy silver dress with a black floral print and paired it with silver leggings and black boots. Gorgeous.

The winner, Michael, did an OK job. But it was a helluva lot of bronze for one Grecian dress. Not for me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.

You have to check out this blog by an AWESOME and resourceful young woman who is in the midst of buying 365 dresses, with $365, and transforming them into modern, wearable clothes in 365 days. It's amazing! It all started last October when she lost her job and wanted daily inspiration akin to "Julie & Julia" to lift her spirits.

Here's a link to her blog, New Dress A Day.

And here's a link to a story Mother Nature Network published about her.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Married to the mob, mother of a murderer ... here we go again

Nancy Botwin has wormed her way out of many difficult situations during five seasons of "Weeds." But let's face it, she's backed herself into quite a corner this time. She's married to the Mexican mafia head/governor, and her son just murdered said mafia's PR representative. The Botwins are going to have to move to Alaska and change their names!

Here's a peek at the new season, which starts Monday night!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Casanova's parents couldn't have picked a more inappropriate name

First of all, so sorry dear 'Runway' blog readers! Today was insane, so I didn't have time until now to write about last night's show, which, by the way, was the first challenge where I felt like, "OK, this is the 'Project Runway' I know and love.'"

I've always had a soft spot for the "weird store" challenge, when they've had to go into grocery stores and other unlikely retailers and put a dress together using cabbage and plastic cups and such. Last night, the crew headed into a party supply store. How fun! Think of all the wonderful things in those stores -- streamers and pinatas and inflatable palm trees, oh my!

I must say, the vast majority of the designers totally rose to the challenge. How awesome was Valerie's black and white napkin dress? That would have been a chic silhouette had she made it out of fabric, let alone paper napkins. I also loved Ivy's silver/gray dress. I think those were folded napkins, too. 600 of them!

For once, the person who should have won did. Andy's black and silver braded cocktail dress was so awesome. It really looked like leather!
And once again, for the third time in a row, Gretchen was in the top 2. I liked her outfit. But I liked others better. I also liked other personalities better. What kind of a know-it-all is she? She went around telling everybody what they were doing wrong, and then told A.J. he was only acting pissy to her because he was in the bottom. Noooo, he was pissy at her because she's straight-up annoying and overbaring.

Speaking of A.J., he's supposed to be the expert on working with found materials. But his ridiculous Debbie Gibson-esque party mess-dress was an explosion of suck. I couldn't look at it without squinting. And yet, they let him through to ruin another ensemble on another day.

I couldn't believe they picked Sarah to go home over A.J. or Casanova, who turned in another insane mess. His outfit, first of all, was made out of tablecloths, and they were all discouraged from using materials that could be seen as fabric-esque. And then he goes crazy with it! It was a disco, mermaid, 80s prom nightmare. (It's funny sometimes to think his name is Casanova. He's the least charming designer in the room!)
Sarah's dress, on the other hand, was just boring. And she at least knew it. Give her some credit for self-awareness, wouldya?

The person I thought should have gone home didn't even make it into the bottom three. He just got passed through without a critque to the next round. Michael's dress was like this upside-down blue plastic toulip skirt that didn't fit. And on the top was a cheap, silvery, plastic top that also didn't fit. The moment I saw it, I said, "He's going home tonight." And then I remembered ... oh yeah, a bunch of drama queens are running this show, so they'd never make a decision that made so much sense.

Until next week ...

(Pictured above is Andy's dress.)

Friday, August 6, 2010

A rotten Peach and some very shady business ...

SHADY! That was just plain shady business last night. Did I miss the part where they explained to the designers that on each episode there was a chance for more than one person to go home? Rude. Very rude. That cute little elf-looking guy... ummm ... still learning names ... Nicholas! There he had just watched Mr. Jason Bowler Hat get booted, and surely he thought that meant he was safe. And then Heidi unleashes her suppressed angry German roots: I said Auf Wiedersehen, damn it! ...OK, she said something to the effect of "I'm sorry, you are out, too." But still.

Jeez. I don't know. This season is just weird. Usually I see a designer or two with a really cool vision and style and I latch onto them. I don't see anyone, talent-wise or personality-wise, where I care what they're working on. Is this show over for me? I'm going to stick it out this season, but I tell you, I'm continuously disappointed by casting the past couple of seasons.

Anyhow, another big win last night for Gretchen. I liked it. It was a blue jumper, but I liked it. Still, I thought for sure Valerie's red sporty/sexy dress would take it.

As for the bad garments, there are many to choose from, but I'll just mention Jason's for sure. He got kicked off for good reason with this silver wrap dress held together by safety pins ... ON PURPOSE. Enough said, I think. Here's a little "behind the scenes" video to show you what I mean.

And then poor old lady Peach turned in a polka dotted tea party frock with a brown alien crawling down its back. I posted a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. I don't think Peach is long for the Runway.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be excited about something next week. Ho, hum.