Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Day, hear us!

Things we will do to get Green Day to come to Mankato ...

1. Hourlong back scratches and/or massages for all band members and crew.
2. A night at Mettler's, with the tab totally on us. (They don't sell Cristal there, do they?)
3. They can host an hour of radio at KMSU and play whatever they want (I'm sure Gully will be up for this).
4. We will rename something in the town "Green Day." Maybe not a road, but how about a bench or a corner or something? How about the corner by my house, Spring and N. Broad. It's a bus stop, too, so lots of people will be able to stand and enjoy "Green Day Corner."
5. They can each take turns petting my dog, who is the best dog in the world.

Well, Dann Saxton of our charity, UnityShows, made the pitch to the booking agent online and an automated response system declined both times. However, Eric Jones at the Alltel said the official talent agency for Green Day is CAA, so we were probably going through the wrong channel.

Also, Eric doesn't think we'll get anywhere with CAA. The band is on tour, and CAA serves as a huge force field in front of them so they don't have to deal with all of us trying to convince them to play in our towns. CAA won't care about our little campaign here.

So, we're back to our original thought: Adrienne is our only hope. We must find her. We must tell her we (the royal "we," as I never knew her when she lived here) love her and that she is a local legend, and we must convince her to get Green Day to perform at the Alltel Center for a reduced charity fee, with a portion of the proceeds going to UnityShows. ... Does this all sound totally impossible and completely out of our realm of ability? ... I know. But it's fun to try. We will perservere!

I got a lead, too. A girl who Adrienne used to live with still stays in contact with her. So I'm going to call her up today. I believe it's Gretchen Kortas, so we'll see if she's listed.

Wish me luck!

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