Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Day Campaign: Gratitude

It's so cool how many people are supporting our Green Day campaign and offering any help they can. Even just comments like "I love what you guys are doing -- I'll totally go to the show" are fun to read. Tonight I read an e-mail for a Mr. Anonymous (to you, not me) who has a family member who knows a family member of Adrienne (immediate family!!!), as well as another connection, and he's passing on the link to this very blog. As I've stated various times before, it's actually REACHING Adrienne and the band that is the hardest part. (For some unknown reason, they're not listed in the phone book. Maybe they just have cell phones now. No real point having a land line, but I digress.)

Dann Saxton of UnityShows made the pitch to the booking agent, and he'll hopefully get his answer Monday. That's the direct way of making this happen. Otherwise, finding Adrienne is our only hope.

Keep sending me your Adrienne stories in the meantime. I'll be writing a story about this with all of those stories this week.

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