Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prison, Nirvana and Meat

A little break from Green Day to talk about the Meat Puppets.

I interviewed Cris Kirkwood today to write a preview story of the Meat Puppets show at the What's Up. What an interesting guy. Funny, too. Kind of a smartass, actually. My first question had something to do with the fact that the band has played Minnesota numerous times in its 28-year career, but only in the Twin Cities. So I asked why they decided to venture outstate this time. He said something to the effect of: "Because that's what we do. We get tired of playing in our living rooms. So they have these amazing new inventions called cars, and if you get in them and push the pedals and buttons, it takes you different places. Pretty amazing." I was like, "Yeah, I guess I should try that some time. Moving on ..." Heehee.

The bulk of the interview, I must admit, had to do with their relationship with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and the MTV "Unplugged" concert. It was cool getting some insight into that concert since it was so close to the time when Cobain shot himself. So many rumors and myths have swirled around about whether Cobain planned the show to appear like a funeral, like maybe his own funeral. Cris was able to put some of those to rest, I think.

He was surprisingly candid throughout, even joking about his recent two-year prison stint for assaulting a security guard with a "deadly weapon," also known as a baton. (The same security guard that ended up shooting him in the back!) He's definitely been through some stuff. His wife actually OD'd, and he suffered from addiction for a number of years, himself.

Anyway, fun interview. Be sure and check out the story. It will run Friday, July 3, and the Meat Puppets show is Thursday, July 9, at the What's Up. I'll totally be there. Should be fun.

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