Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update: Adrienne Armstrong interview

Adrienne e-mailed back and said she's flattered and would be happy to do an interview. I e-mailed her a list of questions, and she's going to squirrel away some time this week to answer. She's apparently having some family time during the next couple of weeks before Billie Joe goes on tour. I'll update more if I hear anything else.

: )


  1. amazing.. congratulations =) i read your adrienne stories article last week following a link on my green day news google alerts. it was fantastic! then i saw a link the other day to your "campaign green day" cause reported by keyc/fox news. i googled your name and came upon this awesome blog.

    anyway, i love adrienne armstrong (the little that we know of her). i think she is a beautiful person inside and out. if you get a chance, could you ask her about adeline street (her clothing line)? her girl's line was fabulous and i was so bummed to find out it was discontinued last year.

    thanks for all your hard work. i look forward to your interview!

  2. Sure! I already e-mailed my questions, but if we do some follow-up, I'll be sure and ask about it. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. omg..she really contacted you..thats awesome.
    i'm excited about the questions & her answers.
    i really love green day and Adie seems like a super sweet person :)