Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adrienne stories from the past

Today I wrote the "Campaign Green Day story" after talking with Ben Gruber, who was in attendance at the famous 1992 St. Peter Gree Day show. I also compiled stories from people here who knew Adrienne, including Cheryl Rueda, who was Adrienne's boss at Pagliai's. Adrienne babysat for her kids, Andre and Marissa. She even took them trick-or-treating during a blizzard one year. Adrienne kept in contact with the Ruedas after she moved. She sent them Green Day shirts and family pictures of her and Billie Joe and their kids. The last contact they had was when Adrienne sent a friend -- the same one listed below, who visited them in California -- to videotape the Rueda kids so Adrienne could see what they looked like as they got older.

One of the Libido Boyz e-mailed today, too, to offer his stories from the past. The Libido Boyz played shows with Green Day on tour and crashed on Billie Joe's couch.

So I have lots of good bits and pieces of nostalgia, and the story comes out on Thursday in Currents. I asked Cheryl if she would send it to Adrienne's address, the last one Cheryl had, and she agreed! It's entirely possible the address is outdated, so let's not get our hopes too high.

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