Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adrienne and Green Day story promo

So the big story on Adrienne Nesser and Green Day and Mankato punk comes out Thursday. It's massive. 75 inches, the full Currents cover page, massive runover -- lots of good stuff to read about. And it was fun to write, too. There will be a sidebar on just submitted stories from former friends/acquaintances of Adrienne's that will run just on the Web below the link to the main story, so be sure to check that out. Also, embedded in the story online will be the YouTube video of Green Day's St. Peter concert, so check that out, too. It's grainy and dark and jittery -- totally raw and cool looking. The perfect memento for those 200 attendees.

I plan to cut out a bunch of copies of the story and send them everywhere. First of all, I'll send them to all of Adrienne's businesses in Oakland. Then, I'll give one to Cheryl Rueda to send to the last address she has for Adrienne in California (Adrienne babysat for the Rueda kids when she worked at Pagliai's with Cheryl). Then, on the publicity front, I'll send them to area radio stations to see if they want to help promote our little cause here.

Be sure and tell me what you think!

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