Sunday, June 7, 2009

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

One of the coolest parts of our little mission to get Green Day are all the connections to the band I get to read about in my inbox every day. I'm getting a ton of e-mails from people saying things like, "My mom is dating someone whose cousin is Mike Dirnt, the bassist." Or, "I used to live with Adrienne," and "I have a family member who works with Adrienne's family member," etc., etc. I even work with a guy who Adrienne babysat for when his kids were young. And I know another guy who lended a guitar to Billie Joe when he was in town. ...So very many strange connections to the band.

So I got to thinking that I bet every single person in Mankato is connected to the band by some degree. I mean, I'm now connected by three degrees, and all of you reading this, well, you can say you're connected through me, so there you go. Four degrees.

That's why I find it so amusing how difficult it is to make contact with celebrities. Such a powerful defense team they have. And for good reason, of course. There are people who feel about Green Day the way that scary British lady feels about "Twilight" (if any of you saw E! Weekend News). I suppose if I had thousands of fans wanting to maul me with lovin' every time I walked down the street, I might hire a few people as a buffer and unlist my number, too.

So maybe if I just make it quite clear, just in case this is the one thing standing in the way of getting Green Day, that I do not, in fact, want to maul the band with lovin'. All of us here in Mankato will keep our hands to ourselves, Adrienne and the band. Gua-ran-teed.

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