Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BREAKTHROUGH: Adrienne Armstrong contact!

OK people, major, major breakthrough. I received this e-mail today. We got through! We did it!

hello Amanda,
I have been getting emails from friends and family saying you are
trying to get ahold of me. I hear you know some old friends of mine... the Rueda family.
Well, its nice to "meet' you.
How can I help you?
adrienne armstrong

Here was my giddy response ...

Oh my gosh! Is this really you? I'm so excited!

A little background ... I am the arts person here at the freep, and for years I had heard stories about you and about Green Day's presence in
Mankato. I thought it was so cool that our little berg once had this neat little punk scene. So I first of all set out to uncover the real stories --
why Green Day had been here at all, where they actually played, what other bands were a part of the scene, etc.

You were also a name that came up often. Obviously because of who you are married to, but also because everyone looked at you so fondly. The
Ruedas have nothing but glowing things to say, and old friends of yours and acquaintances who have e-mailed me their stories about you all said you
were this beautiful, sweet, punk-rock girl who everybody had a crush on.

This little history-gathering project then sort of snowballed when we said, "Hey, let's launch a campaign to try and get Green Day to come back here
and play a show." Crazy, I know. They're obviously WAY out of our league, too pricey and the Alltel only seats 7,000. So we got a couple of charities
on board and have been sort of plugging away at marketing to try and see if we can't make contact in some way. The girl whose farm Green Day played at
in St. Peter actually works on things like this in L.A., so she's working on contacting CAA.

So, anyway, this is how the all-encompassing Campaign Green Day emerged. It's been so fun to read ALL these e-mails about people who were at the
St. Peter show on that farm in 1992, and people who knew you in various ways. I mailed copies of the massive article I did on all of this to Atomic
Garden and Adeline Records to see if it could reach you that way.

Anyway, could I possibly interview you on the phone about your time in Mankato? There are a ton of people here following all of this who would
LOVE to read about that and also what your life is like now.

Thanks so much for contacting me.

Stay tuned!!!!

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  1. Hello? Can you give me her email? PLEASE? :D