Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Foot update: Seriously, it's all good, people

The blog post on my foot injury was Feb. 13, six weeks ago, and it's still one of the top things people ask about. It must be because so very many people have dealt with plantar fasciitis: a painful inflammation of the thick, fibrous, connective tissue along the heel bone and sole of the foot, commonly associated with long periods of weight bearing.

So, I thought I would update everyone on the foot situation. Basically, it's fine. It really doesn't hurt that bad. And according to a nurse I spoke to, it probably isn't plantar fasciitis at all because my muscle and/or tendon ache is at the back of my heel, not the tissue under my foot. Maybe it is. I don't really know.

So far, it hasn't stood in the way of activity. It mostly just aches in the morning when I first step on it and also after I've been sitting for a long time. But when it gets warmed up, it's totally fine.

I actually forget about it until people start asking. Because in the meantime, many other muscle injuries have come and gone. My knee has acted up. My back had a spell where it didn't feel like working for me. It's all bound to happen when you've gone from sedentary to moderately active.

So, it's all good, folks. Thanks for the concern, but the foot's doing just fine.

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