Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Spring, I can't wait for you much longer.

Dear Spring,

Why are you acting like we don't even know each other? Don't you remember the plans we made? Walks to work, long walks with the dog, hours-long trips to the park? You promised I'd be driving around town with the windows down. You encouraged me to unpack my short-sleeved shirts. You tempted me with ads for sandals. I painted my toenails a cute shade of pink in anticipation.

Spring, I don't mind telling you, you've let me down. It's pretty darn hard to stay motivated to drag my butt out of bed and head out into the wicked winds and icy streets to get to the gym. This time last year, you were so eager to be with me. Don't you remember? The tulips had emerged by mid-March. The snow was long gone. You pretty much told Winter to get lost at the end of February, and she was so afraid to come back, we didn't see her again until November.

I have no choice but to give you an ultimatum: Show yourself within a week, or I'm moving on. Florida, maybe. I'm told Summer lives there all year round. Until now, Summer didn't have my favor like you did. But I'll take him over Winter. You will have left me no choice.

With fond memories,

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  1. My ASL (American Sign Language) teacher signed to us that Father Winter and Mother Nature are having marriage problems. I thought it was funny. Father Winter needs to go away and allow spring to come. I am wanting some natural vitamin D from the sun without all this winter gear on. I just want to be able to walk outside and not have to worry about having my winter coat on with my gloves, hat and scarf. This has been the longest winter. It has been depressing with all the snow, ice and cold. I am looking forward to sunshine and warm weather! :)