Friday, March 4, 2011

During the month of March, the scale be damned

I'm as guilty as anyone about wanting to cut right to the chase regarding someone's weight loss. "How much have you lost so far?" is by far the most popular question I receive. I totally get that. I DVR "The Biggest Loser" so I can fast-forward through the crying and get straight to the weigh-in at the end of every episode. So, believe me, I understand that the numbers are the most interesting part.

But, sorry folks, I will have none to report for a while. I don't want a repeater of whatever negative/frustrated/desperate emotions led to me resorting to unhealthy behavior in February just so I could hit the magic number of 32. I'm about due for a plateau, I would imagine, and I don't want that to get me down.

The focus needs to be on the new lifestyle and healthy behavior without the distraction of numbers. So, during the month of March, the scale be damned. Whatever it says at the month 3 mark will be an improvement, and that's all that matters.

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