Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At last, a reprieve!

After a weekend of feeling horribly deflated, I had a moment where the clouds parted. After a tough workout with Jackie, I braved the scale again, just to see, and it had budged. One pound. I'll take it! I'll take any movement in that direction at this point.

So yesterday I was feeling better about things. Less depressed. Focused again. Ready to hit veggies and lean proteins really hard to help break out of my plateau.

I was feeling so good, I thought, well, I'll just pick through a pile of my favorite old clothes and see if I can get into anything yet. I found my favorite shirt. The one I used to wear once a week without fail because the beadwork is so pretty, and the bell sleeves are so flattering. And I was so sad when my tush made it impossible to pull it off any longer.

It fits! My God, it actually fits.

The last time this happened, I resisted the urge to post a picture. I didn't want to be all, "Look at me! Look at me!" Because I still have a long way to go, of course. But today, what the hell, LOOK AT ME! HURRAY! HURRAY! (Ignore the no makeup and messy hair, if you would please. It's early a.m. in this camera phone pic.)

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