Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The dog is out-eating me

I think my dog is now consuming more calories per day than I am.

8 a.m.: Dog eats bowl of Beneful Playful Life. (What is that, like 350 calories maybe?)

8:45 a.m.: Dog won't come inside -- loves snow, that traitor -- so dog gets a Kraft Single as a means of luring her in. 50 calories.

Some time between 8:50 a.m. and noon: Dog digs through the trash, finds a pizza box from yesterday (not mine, so stop worrying about my diet), chews through the box and consumes two slices. 500 calories.

1 p.m.: Dog licks plates clean full of taco sauce, cheese and meat (again, mine didn't have cheese). 75 calories.

6 p.m.: Dog will eat another bowl of Beneful. 350 calories.

9 p.m.: Dog will inevitably have to be lured in with some sort of treat so I can lock up. 50 calories.

Grand total: 1,375 calories. The nickname Fattie Doughnut remains.

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