Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hugest upset ever!

He did it! I think both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert were shocked by those results. Kris even said he thought Adam should have won. I think this was the first "Idol" winner too shocked to cry. Just five minutes after the results, this is already being called the biggest upset in "American Idol" history.

Well, this officially goes to the top of the list of shocker reality show moments this year:

*Melissa Rycroft gets dumped on live TV AFTER she had been proposed to by The Bachelor.

*48-year-old, what was her name again ... oh Helen ... Helen Somebody wins "The Biggest Loser" and the old guy kicked off week one or two wins the at home prize. Both were forgettable and their wins were surprising, considering everyone was sure Tara was going to win it.

*Joan Rivers was hired on "The Apprentice." ...good god.

*Shawn Johnson wins "Dancing With the Stars" over the favored Gilles Marini.

*And now, the "dark horse," as they kept calling Kris, won "American Idol." (P.S. Wasn't that hilarious when Kara DioGuardi came out to upstage Bikini Girl? Ha!)

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