Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where's the beef?

So today a coworker runs up to my desk and says, "Hey, did you know the Meat Puppets are coming to town?"
No, I didn't know! I scan area bar Web sites weekly to see if any cool acts are coming, but I hadn't seen this one yet on the What's Up Lounge calendar of events.

I was very much a grunge girl during my teenage years. I wore flannel. I <3'd Kurt Cobain with a burning passion. I remember sobbing and laying on the couch to watch all the MTV coverage when Cobain killed himself. My own personal hero had snuffed himself out. Bad, bad day for me and millions of others.

Nirvana "Unplugged" was one of my favorite albums for years and years, and as many of you know, the Meat Puppets were guest artists during that concert. What a haunting show, with all the candles and stargazer lillies surrounding the stage. Some people speculated Cobain set it up that way to be like a funeral. He killed himself four months after the concert was taped.

I liked the Meat Puppets, too. They had a cool blend of country in their rock and punk music. But truth be told, the fact that the band shared a stage with Nirvana during such an important show is why I'm so excited to talk with them. Hopefully it won't piss them off too much to have the first 10 questions of the interview be about that very night. We'll see.

The show is 8 p.m. July 9 at the What's Up. Tickets are $14 the day of the show, or $12 in advance. Tickets go on sale June 1 at Tune Town, Oleander Saloon, What's Up Lounge, or by calling 381-2263.


  1. I'm glad you posted about this. There was some rumors that this show was not happening, but it has been confirmed and the show is on. There will be flyers and such up in the next week or two.

    thanks for the coverage =D

  2. People can see any updates to the show at

  3. and yes. both kirkwold brothers will be there.

  4. well as jason knudson =D

  5. if Knudson shows up I will leave.

  6. cause he stinks.