Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Day Campaign: Day 3

OK, so, much has happened on Day 3.

Wes Schuck (Two Fish owner) looked into things, and it turns out Live Nation is handling the band's tour. They're like the equivalent of Ticketmaster, just totally impenetrable, so there's no way we can add a date that way.
However, the band has a free date July 12 between their Minneapolis and Chicago dates, and both Schuck and Eric Jones at the Alltel thought a charity show might work. Coupled with the band's ties to Mankato and Minnesota in general (they have a house in the Twin Cities and Adrienne's family lives there), a good cause just might grap their attention.

The rub, of course, is getting a hold of anyone important to hear us and also the fact that they have four shows in a row, one day off, and then another show. Asking them to play during that one day off would mean six shows in a row, and that's a lot.

So, anyway, Schuck suggested Unity Shows as the cause. I actually have a personal connection there. I went to high school and worked with the guy who started Unity Shows in Fairmont. His name was John Obray, and he died at a young age in a car accident. Obray loved punk music, and his goal was to put on all ages shows and to have a place for kids to hang out. Obray's friend, Dann Saxton, took over the program when he died. Saxton and friends turned the program into a non-profit. Now in California, Saxton has ties both to Minnesota, continuing to put on John Fest in honor of Obray, as well as work in the entertainment industry out West.

Saxton is completely on board with our Green Day goal. He suggested we contact the booking agent to look into a charity fee. The Alltel might be able to foot that cost, and then a portion of the proceeds of the concert could go to Unity Shows.

So this is where we're at: Bringing this pitch to the booking agent and then also still trying to get to Adrienne directly. But no one seems to know where she is. I have her old friends and acquaintances coming out of the woodwork here in our area, but no one who still keeps in contact.

So, once again, if anyone out there has a way in, we're all ears! I'm going to e-mail atomic gardens, another business she owns, momentarily.
Thanks everyone!

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