Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We got to flash Jessica Flatequal on her birthday!

Today, I am a dancer. I danced ... in public!! (Watch the video!) And it was for such a wonderful person ...

Today is my pal Jessical Flatequal's birthday, and she has the most incredible girlfriend on the planet, a one Ms. Maria Bevacqua.

Maria e-mailed a bunch of friends and colleagues several weeks ago informing us of Jessica's upcoming birthday and an idea she garnered from an episode of "Modern Family." One of the show's main characters, Mitchell, had surprised his boyfriend, Cam, with a flash mob at the mall because Cam's favorite thing in the world is a flash mob.

Jessica's favorite thing in the world is also a flash mob. So Maria asked the incredible Paul Finocchiaro to choreograph a dance to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" (which Jessica loves) and teach it to a group of us. Last week, we rehearsed for about four hours over two sessions. And Paul, God bless him, had his work cut out for him with some of us. Let's just say I don't exactly pop my movements. But he got us there, and we all waited in anticipation of the big day.

It all went down at 12:15 p.m. Maria and Jessica's parents (who also were involved in the mob) went to get Jessica from the LGBT Center and brought her through the student union over to the Wells Fargo and Hub area. We were scattered about, secretly trying to watch to see if she was coming. When she rounded the bend, our DJ started the music, which thumped loudly throughout the whole area on the overhead sound system. And when Gaga kicked in, we found our places and got our groove on! (Watch the video again!)

Jessica freaked out. She was crying, she was smiling from ear to ear, she couldn't believe it. Meanwhile, EVERYONE else in the vicinity gathered around with their camera phones to shoot video and take pictures. I was so nervous. Hands shaking. Hoping not to miss the beat on EVERY step, just a few. It didn't matter, though. Jessica's face told us we'd done a good job.

After the song ended, a cake was wheeled out for Jess and we sang her Happy Birthday.

I cannot imagine a more thoughtful gift from a girlfriend. Maria really hit it out of the park, and her and Paul deserve all the credit in the world. Amazing, thoughtful gift. Jessica thought so, too. (Incidentally, Cam's reaction on "Modern Family" was a little different: "I can't believe you did this, Mitchell. ... You cheated on me with choreography and that is the worst kind!")

So, here's to Jessica! We were so excited to get to flash her today. Happy Birthday, Jess!!!

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