Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things NOT to say to a dieter

Ignoring for a moment that people’s hearts are usually in the right place -- and ignoring the fact that dieters who do so in public bring this on themselves -- in today’s blog entry we will discuss things not to say to a dieter on her “fight to be fit.”

We’ll call the interested party in the below examples “I.P.” We’ll call the dieter “Me.”


I.P.: I read how much weight you’ve lost. (Looks me up and down.) I can tell ... in your face.


I.P.: Is that chocolate on your desk? You can’t have chocolate.


I.P.: Did you workout today?

Me: Not today.

I.P.: Oh, why not?

Me: (Not really your concern is why not.) I had other things to do.


I.P.: You’ve lost 21 pounds in, what, a month? ... Oh, six weeks? Don’t feel bad about that. You’ve got that woman thing going on. You’re bloated half the time.

Me: ... OK, thanks.


I.P.: (In the company of others) Hey there, Slim.

Me: You’re going to make me feel like I have to suck it in every time I come down here. (Glances at the faces around looking at her gigantic tush and thinking, “Slim?”)


I.P.: I don’t think you should only work with a trainer for three months and then try it on your own. You probably won’t keep doing it.

Me: (Blank stare.) OK, do you have $500 I can, like, have? (And in return I’ll give you etiquette lessons.)


No. 7 is less of a scenario and more of just a statement: Don’t ONLY talk to “Me” or “Dieter” about her weight-loss journey. She’s got other things going on, and she doesn’t always want to be concentrating on and discussing her “fight to be fit.” If she pinpoints you as “Diet Conversation Person,” she will avoid making eye contact so she doesn’t constantly have to rehash that day’s workout.

I mean, I’m just sayin’ ... : )

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