Thursday, February 24, 2011

29 pounds and counting! So eat that, February

I was shocked this morning to learn I'm completely on track to meet my month 2 goal. I was sure February would be a disaster.

Every time I checked the scale in the women’s locker room this month, I saw a different number, and none of them were good. I thought I was going to finish month 2 with only a 4-pound loss, which was really messing with my head after losing 18 the first month.

Overall, February was hard for a lot of reasons. I have the whole plantar fasciitis thing. And the “Diet Momentum” lessened pretty significantly. Plus, I had a stretch of days where I just didn’t have the drive to workout. One day I even gave Jackie some serious attitude.

Nothing gelled this month. And I was sure it would be reflected on the scale.

Well, it’s not quite the end of the month yet. But Jackie thought I should weigh-in one week before the month 2 marker to make sure I’m on track to meet the goal.

Somehow -- despite two missed workout sessions with Jackie -- I’m down 29 pounds in 7 1/2 weeks. That means I have three pounds to lose this week to meet my month 2 goal of a 32-pound total loss.

Three pounds is certainly a lot more manageable than 10 or 12, which is how far off I expected to be. So I’m actually pretty excited.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I also sat down this week to write out my plan for the next few months until I hit my final goal weight. The big debate now is whether I should keep working with Jackie after my initial 20 personal-training sessions are spent.

As of now, our last session together will be April 4, at the end of month 3.

There are pros and cons to consider.

Pros: She knows what she’s doing. I never workout as hard as I do when I’m with her. Plus, it would be nice to stay together as a team the whole way through. We started this together. It would be great to cross the finish line together.

Cons: Another 20 sessions would cost $500. I don’t have that. It was difficult scrounging the initial $500 together, and I had to make sacrifices in other areas of my life.

Also, March 31 is the exact halfway point to my goal weight. At some point, I’ve got to prove I can do this on my own. I won’t have Jackie forever, so maybe three months with her is enough time to have learned the skills I need, and then after that, I should put myself to the test to see if I can achieve goals on my own.

There’s a lot to consider.

For now, I plan to take one week at a time. And this week should be a piece of cake. Three pounds to go!


  1. Have you thought about asking if she can help you develop a workout plan to continue with after your sessions are done? You could maybe meet with her less frequently as you progress with the workout plan to make sure you are on track and it wouldn't be so expensive that way. Oh and SUPERDUPER job :)

  2. Thank you!
    Yes, I was thinking about asking her for a workout plan. She prewrites our workouts, and it would be great to have those when I'm on my own. But I wasn't sure if that was insulting, sort of like, "Well, I don't need you anymore when I can get your workouts for free." Know what I mean? Like it's her intellectual property and part of what I'm paying for. But it's worth asking for, I think.