Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's to more good days than bad

A couple of weeks ago I did some "wishful closet organizing." My weight has fluctuated so much over the past few years, that I have a range of sizes and many items of clothing that I gaze at but haven't been able to fit into. I organized and displayed the items in several categories.
1. Clothes I fit in now but hope to someday donate to charity when I'm wayyyyy to skinny.
2. Clothes I love that I almost fit into but can't quite pull off.
3. Clothes that I'm months from squeezing into, but damn it, I'm going to again.

Small victory this morning when I pulled an old favorite from category 2 and put it on. It fit, and I didn't feel like I had a giant spare tire sticking out when I sat down. So, the item is now going into category 1, and I'm kind of struttin' my stuff a little bit today wearing it.

It's really all about the small victories, isn't it?

Now let's talk about set backs. My last post was about alcohol and how it's so hard to stop at just one drink. Being social in America tends to revolve heavily around what one puts into their mouth. You gather around a table, and drinks start coming and coming and then there are appetizers and then more drinks. It's crazy. And it can be easy to leave a bar having added 1,000 calories to an otherwise healthy day.

Here's a tip from my trainer I find helpful. When she knows she's going out, she tries to work in an extra workout beforehand. That way her metabolism is up and also she's burned some of the calories she's planned on consuming.

Here's a tip from me, which I have learned over various years of terrible diets. Don't let that bad night derail you. My MO is this: I start a diet. I do well for a few days. I have a bad day, and for whatever reason, the next day I say, "Well, I'll just have the rest of the ice cream I bought yesterday and then I'll be good tomorrow." This pattern of thinking continues until I'm no longer with the program at all.

Routine is a dieter's best friend. If you go off the tracks for a day, get right back on and you will have done very little damage.

It's a marathon, peeps! It's OK to stumble as long as you keep running.

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