Monday, February 28, 2011

I just can't bike to Bob Dylan

I purchased my first "goal weight" prize this weekend. Don't get too excited by those words. Jackie said I should give myself prizes for reaching certain benchmarks. The first one was for losing 30-32 by the month 2 mark. So I decided to get a cheap mp3 player for the gym.

I've owned them before. But I find it to be a giant hassle to load all of my CDs onto my computer and then onto the mp3. So I decided, out of laziness, that I would just put the 50 or so songs I had stored on my computer onto the thing before Sunday's workout.

First of all, I'm an idiot. I can't believe, for the past two months, I have stared out the window in silence and attempted to read the garbled closed-captioning on the muted TVs when I could have been listening to tunes this entire time. What a difference that makes with the boredom factor. I could have gone another hour!

But, I must admit, the music I listen to doesn't exactly get you going. (Except when "Born to Run" came on. I felt like I was!) Pete Yorn, Ingrid Michaelson, Leonard Coen and Bob Dylan songs were among the 50 that got loaded onto the mp3. And let me say, "Not Dark Yet" doesn't exactly make me want to peddle like a maniac on the bike. Although I must say, I had a great deal of Bob Seger on there, and I found it oddly motivating.

A friend suggested Girl Talk, which I've been considering. But I think, two songs in, I'd want to throw my earbuds across the room. Which leaves me considering another option that makes me feel a little uneasy: selections from commercial radio. Your Beyonces, your Clarksons, your Rhiannas. Good beats, everyone. Good, strong, rhythmic beats.

Me thinks my mp3 soon will be filled with pop music. It's out of my hands, people! Can't elliptical like a crazy person to "So long, Marianne," although I tried Sunday, damn it.

So I'm taking suggestions! What's your favorite pop song that won't annoy me too much?


  1. Amanda, I'm really enjoying your blog and find it so inspiring! For working out, I love all things GAGA! I also wanted to let you know about This is a free platform where you can log your food intake and exercise. It determines percentage of fats and everything. It's probably not exact, but easier than figuring it out myself. Take a look.

  2. Thanks, Terri! I'll definitely check out that website. I hate math.

  3. I'm a 35 year old guy and strangely, I'm addicted to this blog. Good girl workout music (so I'm told :)-)======definitely Gaga,Pink, Christina, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie and some of the those cheesy soundtracks from popular movies; think Rocky & Top Gun.
    Keep up the good work and good writing Amanda!

  4. Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you are strangely addicted. This is my favorite comment of the day. : )

  5. The Killers always work for me. Love their beat. You're doing great, Amanda. Any inclinations toward the Mankato 1/2 or full Marathon this fall? Would love to train run with you...

  6. Hey, good tip on The Killers. I'll load it on the thing tonight. And thanks for the compliment! Definitely working hard, and it's so helpful to have so much support. ... When I drop a bunch more weight, I was just saying the other day that I'd like to try running. Maybe I'll see where I'm at this summer. A half-marathon this fall might be the perfect reward/validation at the end. Sort of a symbolic weight-loss finish line. : )

  7. Do you like MGMT? I love them. One of my favs. Their songs, "Electric Feel." "Kids," "Time to Pretend," "Flash Delirium" are great songs! I love a lot of their songs. Those come to mind for songs that get me moving. I also enjoy Madonna. I love this song by Madonna: "Celebration"

    I also enjoy Timbaland "The Way I Are" (Good song)

    Other musicians/music: The Black Eyed Peas, The Clash, The Strokes, The Foo Fighters, Rancid, No Doubt, Shakira, Rage Against the Machine, Techno/Trance music, and Bad Religion. :)

    I think it also depends on what you like. I love Bob Dylan as well. It would be hard for me to keep biking (keep motivated)listening to him. He is great singer-songwriter, but I enjoy listening to him in a more relaxed state. :)

  8. The best, very best types of music I have found to listen to when exercising are Acid House and Goa/Psychedelic Trance.

    The rhythms have a hypnotic effect, and they often very gradually whisk you up to faster running speeds without you noticing it. Maybe your ear instinctively picks up on the heartbeat in the music and your body goes after it. Also, the tracks tend to be quite long, so you are not jolting between different rhythms.

    In terms of artists, you could try Hardfloor (especially the Acperience tracks Acperience 1 and Acperience 5), or also OOOD (the entire Free Range record is very good). The track Acid Remixes (or just Acid) by the Shamen is also good. There are lots of compilations that you could try like 'Dragonfly presents: A Voyage into Trance'.