Monday, July 20, 2009

Captain Eleven and props to A.J.

Hi all.

For those who contributed to the 30-plus comments on the Meat Puppets review below, or for those who read it, we've all made up. I sat down with the Captain Eleven guys for a couple of hours, Blue Bricks patio, nice breeze, lovely, and hashed it all out. I also got several great stories out of it. Lots for you all to look forward to! ; )

Anyhow, the Captain Eleven story, which has evolved into a Captain Eleven story plus the DIY band culture in Mankato, will come out in early August. That gives the guys time to shoot pictures involving pink frosted doughnuts. (You'll understand when I post the article.)

In Green Day news, don't forget about us. There is momentum ... : )

Hey, and also, sounds like a local kid named A.J. was the one called up to play "Jesus of Suburbia" at the Target Center. That's the song Billie Joe askes for a guitarist in the audience at every concert. Kinda cool!

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