Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adrienne and Announcement

Hi everyone.
The story came out today on Adrienne.
Here's the link.

And here is our announcement on Campaign Green Day. In a nutshell, we feel like we've explored every avenue and done all we can. We've gotten through to the band through Adrienne, so at this point, the campaign is going into neutral. I wouldn't call it quitting or giving up, but it's up to fate now. Otherwise, we're always open to new ideas or avenues to explore. Thanks to everyone for their support in getting us this far! You have to admit that it's pretty cool we got through, at least to the point where we were able to deliver our message to them. Even if it didn't work out, that's pretty neat.


  1. This is awesome! The article was extremely interesting. Congrats on being successful in getting Adrienne to respond. She sounds so thoughtful and kind!

  2. Thank you! From what I hear from her old friends, she's incredibly sweet and kind. She certainly sounded that way to me. : )