Sunday, July 12, 2009

Transcript of Billie Joe's Mankato mention

This from a Mankatoan who went to the show:

Yah, he definitely did mention you by name. My jaw hit the floor when he started talking about it. Sorry, I don't have any video or audio of that moment so we'll have to rely on my memory, which admittedly, ain't as good as it used to be.

So, let me try to recall the whole sequence here.
Goes something like this:
"OK, so there's this girl, Amanda, trying to get us to play a show in Mankato."
"Anybody here from Mankato?"
He, of course, couldn't here us shouting about being from Mankato despite the fact that there were at least a dozen people around us yelling.
Then I can't exactly remember what else he went into, but he said something like this:
"I met this girl there, Adrienne, well she's actually from NE Minneapolis."
"I remember playing Mankato. Our manager didn't book us there. We just kind of showed up and played in some guy's basement. It was a good show. I have a good memories of Mankato."

So, all in all, it was quite a lengthy little speech as far as rock and roll time goes. Billie Joe really does sound pretty sincere when talking to the fans. He certainly didn't go all "rock star" and forget about your work, or Mankato, or the fans from Mankato. It really was pretty cool. They even paid homage to the hometown boy, Prince, and did a cover of "Let's Go Crazy."

On the campaign, not sure if their stage show could fit in our little building though. The pyrotechnics were unbelievable and might not work in the Alltel Center. But they could leave that stuff on the trucks. At any rate, he never said we can't do that. Of course, he didn't say they would either. It was just cool to hear Mankato mentioned at the show. All due to a grassroots campaign that you started. Think of that.
Have a great day!

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  1. Actually, it wasn't their manager who didn't book them. He said Adrienne told him she would book a show for them. Then he said she never did, so they played in some guy's basement.

    I thought it was awesome they mentioned Campaign Mankato!

    The show was absolutely awesome. They could totally pack the Alltel Center.