Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight: A guilty pleasure, indeed

I readily admit, I got sucked into the "Twilight" craze, too. A friend recommended the books two summers ago, and I think I had the first three read within two weeks and waited very impatiently for the fourth, which I had read in two days.

The movies have been sort of "eh" for me. It's one thing to read romantic junk, and it's another thing to hear and see the romantic junk on a giant screen. Hearing those ridiculous, cheesy lines of dialogue out loud gets tough, and I'm sure "Eclipse" will be toughest of all, considering half the book could be summed up with these lines:
"You're hot. I love you. Have sex with me." -Bella.
"No, I can't. I'm virtuous. Marry me and then maybe." -Edward.

So, I must admit, it's been kind of fun to read all the terrible reviews before each movie comes out. They're always quite scathing, especially the 40-something men who leave the theater dazed and annoyed. And I find myself agreeing with a lot of what they're saying, yet, I know full well that I'll be there in the theater with millions of other Twihards on opening weekend. It's hard to pinpoint why that is. The "Twilight" saga is definitely one of those phenomenons that only girly girls seem to understand. There's something about love and longing that we can't get enough of. But either way, it's good to recognize that this is very much a guilty pleasure. Here are a few funny reviews of "Eclipse."

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