Saturday, June 19, 2010

To infinity, and beyond!

I would just like to give two very enthusiastic thumbs up to "Toy Story 3" and recommend you go. All of you. Kids or no kids, doesn't matter. Go.

Pixar really takes the movie to an adult level at one point that I've never seen it go before, and at the end be prepared to weep openly in the theater, but the rest is what you've come to expect from Pixar: touching, funny and full of adventure. Fits perfectly with the other two movies, and if the end hadn't felt like a kick to the gut, I'd go again. As such, I think I'll save fellow movie goers my blubbering and wait until it comes out on video.

You might enjoy this website that lists 60 "Easter Eggs" found in "Toy Story 3." These are little inside jokes and references to other Pixar films and things.

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