Monday, June 14, 2010

EXTRA! EXTRA! Lemon-raspberry scones back at Hag!

A few weeks ago I informed you that the lemon-raspberry scones would not be available at the Coffee Hag for a month and that I would inform you when they were. Dear readers, I have failed you. Sometime in the interim, the best scones on Earth made a quiet return to the Hag. When I went in the other day and asked if they had been back, I was horrified to learn I had missed them.

This lead to swift action. Upon learning that the lemon-raspberries were being frozen, while other flavors enjoyed their day in the limelight behind the glass case, I special ordered a half-dozen.

For all of you lemon-raspberry addicts like me, it's important you know this is an option. Special order a half-dozen, keep them frozen, and dole them out to yourself as needed. Your only other option is to keep checking into the Hag every couple of days, praying you don't miss them. The choice is yours.

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