Friday, July 2, 2010

Fairmont fun on the Fourth

I love the Fourth. Such a nice, low-key holiday. No gift-pressure. No huge meal that takes hours to prepare. Just family, fireworks and something on the grill.

I'm looking forward to this weekend a lot. Headed home to Fairmont for all of the above. I also have a few Fairmont favorites planned that aren't attached to the holiday, but that most Fairmont natives must have when they return: black raspberry ice cream from the Dairy Freeze, and a Channel burger from the Channel Inn. Occasionally on Facebook someone from high school will post a status update about dreaming about a Channel burger. Truly, the best burger in the world. I would also add "order a Jake's pizza" to the list, but I figure with the grilling out and everything, there probably won't be time for that. But anyone else who visits Fairmont should stop into Jake's for sure. Best pizza ever.

For an activity that is attached to the Fourth, I will be walking with my family to my grandma's old house on Lake Park Boulevard right across from the lake where they shoot off the firworks. Tons and tons of boats go out on the lake, and everyone else picks a piece of lakeside real estate to park it, get eaten by mosquitos and enjoy the show. I like to sit on the retaining wall in front of my grandma's old house. She doesn't live there anymore, but nobody really cares who sits in their yards on the Fourth. Brings back memories of all of my cousins and me posing for pictures on the front steps and coloring on the front porch.

Also on the Fourth agenda: see "Eclipse." There is no such thing as a sold-out screening in Fairmont, or at least, not any time I've been there. I think maybe the first day the theater opened and they were showing "Dumb and Dumber," I think then maybe it was a full theater. I was 12. And that's the last I remember it being full.
Speaking of which, I recommend everyone who wants to see a big blockbuster movie on opening weekend -- and who doesn't want to sit next to a stranger shoveling popcorn into their mouth in an overcrowded theater -- go to St. Peter Cinema 5. There's always plenty of seats, the tickets are cheaper and so are the concessions. If they'd only get Coke products, I'd be in heaven. Incidentally, they also do not have 3D, so you can save yourself the $3 extra fee for a 3D movie that is forced upon you in Mankato. The "Eclipse" showing you wanted to go to sold out in Mankato this weekend? Seriously, go to St. Peter.

So, anyway, the point of this post before I started rambling was to say Happy Fourth. I hope you have a low-key, relaxing, happy holiday.

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