Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm mighty "Blood" thirsty

Tonight (Sunday!) is the night! The "True Blood" season 3 premiere. I cannot wait. Five hours left.

My sister has been trying to get me into the mini-sodes released by the studio in advance of the new season. They're these two- or three-minute episodes about each character, but they're pretty boring. They don't seem to say anything to further the plot.

I posted one below. The first video below is the season 3 extended trailer. Very exciting. And the second video is the mini-sode for Jason Stackhouse. I have a new appreication for Jason since I saw him on a couple of talk shows. The guy who plays him, Ryan Kwanten, is actually Australian and wears glasses and is quiet, smart and seems kind of arrogant. He couldn't be anymore different than his character, Jason, who is dumb as a bowl of noodles and loud. Now that I know what he's really like, I'm admiring the acting more.
Anyhow, for all you "Blood" thirsty viewers out there, I hope the show is everything you hoped it would be tonight.

Ultimate Fan Season 3 Preview

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