Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds critics' big choices

Something was amiss at the Critics' Choice Awards last night. Now, granted, the big three during awards season are the Golden Globes on Sunday (yay!), the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and, of course, the big one, the Oscars. But I always watch the Critics' Choice Awards because it gives me somewhat of an idea what's to come.

Well, I don't know if the actors were in a bad mood, or maybe just incredibly tired of musical numbers starting out awards shows, but poor Kristin Chenoweth, known best for her cutesy role in "Pushing Daises," was getting some pretty terrible looks when opening the show as host, and pretty much all throughout. They seemed like the elite movie actors who wouldn't dane to laugh at her little jokes, and she seemed like she just didn't belong in this VIP club. At times, it bordered on uncomfortable. I felt absolutely terrible for her! And I'm hoping we'll have more amiable actors during forthcoming awards shows. ...Jeez.

Moving on ...
Big awards that were well deserved were:
Mo'Nique for best supporting actress for "Precious." Anyone who saw that movie knows she's an absolute lock for the Oscar. IN-credible. Her speech was moving, too. You could tell this was a big moment for her, and she accepted her award gracefully.

Christopher Waltz for best supporting actor. What a great performance as the "Jew hunter" in "Inglourious Basterds." Very well deserved. His speech, however, almost makes me hope he doesn't win again. Weird. Maybe he was just nervous, but I think he said something about never having acted before and he repeated the word "choices" about 20 times as he tried to explain how he ended up at the podium. ...Just say thank you next time.

Kathryn Bigelow won best director for "The Hurt Locker," an award I hope she keeps on receiving this season. Directing awards have been a boy's club since the beginning of movies. In fact, when I watched "The Hurt Locker," I was surprised at the end to see a woman on the credits for directing. She did an amazing job. Cheers to her win.

"The Hurt Locker" also won best picture. There are several worthy of the big prize at the Oscars, but I certainly wouldn't mind if this movie was the one.

Jeff Bridges took best actor for "Crazy Heart." His speech was crazy, too, actually. This could be interesting if he keeps winning. I think he even said the director's name was Chris, when, actually, that's not his name.

My big dispute came with best actress. I heard there was a tie. And I knew that must have meant Meryl was one of them. They can't seem to NOT give Meryl awards, which, fine. She played Julia Child, she did a good job, but we had some MAJOR performances by women this year. My top choice was Carey Mulligan for "An Education." Read here to find out why. And then ... when they announced who Meryl tied with ... I gasped. Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock. They couldn't have said ... ? Did they actually say ... ? They said it. They did. The question remains: Did they actually see "The Blind Side" before voting? A one-note performance that left me totally cold. If that movie was supposed to be an emotional journey, perhaps they should have cast an actress who could pull it off. Unbelievable. I was horrified. If this trend continues, I will be extremely upset. Although, I must admit, Sandra gave a funny speech, saying it was bull**** she had to share the award with Meryl, and then going over and kissing her on the mouth.

Anyhow, Awards Season is in full flux. Stop back on Monday for my thoughts on the Golden Globes. I'll be sure and mention right away if Sandra took the stage again. Gah!

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