Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gilmore Girls!!! ...I'm a little late.

I finally got around to watching the final season of "Gilmore Girls," one of my all-time favorite shows.
I know I'm years late on this discussion, but I had to ask Gilmore-loving why so many of you (if this applies to you) didn't like the series finale? I know it wasn't planned. I read something where Lauren Graham said the whole crew was caught offguard by the abrupt cancellation, and there's so much more they would have included if they knew that episode was the end.

But didn't we get it all? Didn't everyone get to say goodbye? And didn't it end at the perfect time in their lives? The last episode included the whole town, a town meeting, a good, silly Kirk moment, the reunion of Luke and Lorelie and wonderful goodbye moments. Plus, it's ending as Rory goes off into the world. I'm wondering what you all thought was missing. I almost feel like it was better they not know it was the end so that we didn't get too maudlin, and everyone's story line didn't get sewn up so neatly at the end. This way, it's as if life is still going on in Stars Hallow.

Plus, the very end scene at Luke's was perfect. We ended as we started, over coffee at Luke's, the Gilmore girls chatting about what comes next. Seemed like perfect symmetry.

Your thoughts?

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