Monday, January 18, 2010

Avatar? Really? Are you sure, Golden Globes?

I won't stand for this. This cannot continue.

Sandra Bullock took the stage again last night for best actress in a drama for "The Blind Side," and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one who saw that movie or paid attention. A story about a rich family who takes in a homeless teenager and helps him become an NFL star has to be about the EMOTIONAL journey. Bullock was one-note all the way through. There was no nuance, no subtlety. From beginning to end, you couldn't tell if she was affected at all! Same for that kid they cast. Same constipated expression on his face the whole movie. It's sort of funny that she's been making jokes during acceptance speeches about how she bets nobody ever expected to see her up there. But, actually, it's true. There's a reason that joke works -- because IT'S TRUE.


But I think my crabbiest moment was when "Avatar" took best picture, drama. I'm not denying it was quite a spectacle, and it was entertaining. But it was a formulaic action movie. Every move was predictable. The villains didn't come off as human, just black and white carbon copies of every money-hungry villain you've ever seen in B movies on the big screen.

My friend pointed out something, though. I may know movies, but perhaps I don't know contests. Maybe the people voting for these awards aren't looking for the things I'm looking for. Maybe they're just picking their favorites. Maybe their kids liked "Avatar" and told them to vote for it. Maybe when they vote for Sandy Bullock it's because they like Sandy Bullock. I don't know. I just hope Oscar is on my side with all of this.

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