Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fitty is back! In full effect! Raise the roof!


I was watching “Regis & Kelly” one morning, and Kelly was pointing out how women, when they see they’ve gained weight on the scale, their reaction is exactly the opposite of what one might expect. Logically, you see you’ve gained 2 to 5 pounds, what would you do? Work your butt off to lose the weight, right? Yeah, no.

A woman sees she’s gained 2-5 pounds and it’s an emotional punch to the gut, and her reaction is to say, “Well, I might as well just eat the rest of that fudgey cake in the fridge ... with some ice cream ... and Reese’s Pieces later on ... and then something salty to cut the sweetness.” It’s crazy! But I, like many women, am an emotional eater. So I get trapped in that vicious circle of getting sad or mad and eating.

What does any of this have to do with the “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” from above?

Wellll ... as you may recall, I essentially, inadvertently took the entire month of May off by eating bad stuff and then recovering for a couple of days. It resulted in a net gain of 5 pounds for the first big part of the month. But, the past week or more, I’ve really been working hard to get back on track.


I lost the 5 I had gained plus one more. I really can’t feel bad about that. Sure, I mean, month 5 was essentially a wasted effort. But it could have been worse. And being still three days from the official month 5 mark, I could be down another 2 or 3 pounds, AND ending a month with ANY loss is good news.

So! Here’s the cliffhanger. I’m outta here until the 13th. I’m on vacation with my sister. Instead of New York, we’re going to visit our old man in Wisconsin. So, I probably will not blog until then, which is in two weeks. Two weeks that can either go fabulously, where I report to you I have lost and additional 10 pounds on my way to my overall goal of 77. ...

Or, I could report to you I have spent a week camped out here, a delectable Madison, Wis., discovery my sister made that has me mentally testing my own will power already. We shall see ...

(By the way, the first photo up there is my shoe, which has a broken sole, after 5 months of working my tush off, quite literally. Strangely, I was kind of proud to see that this morning. I felt accomplished.)

Talk to you mid-June, folks!

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