Sunday, January 16, 2011

My heart's catching up with my mind

This post is for anyone I may have discouraged the past two weeks with my tales of woe. I had somewhat of a breakthrough today at the Y.

Just two Mondays ago, I climbed onto the elliptical, and after the three-minute mark, I was watching the clock, breathing heavy, wondering how long I could keep it up without any resistance. I went about 15 minutes, and by the end, my heart rate was in the 160s.

Today at the Y, I climbed onto the elliptical, resistance set at 5, and instead of watching the clock, I watched HGTV and glanced occasionally down to watch the calorie count climb and climb. It took 15 minutes before I started breathing out of my mouth. It took until the 45-minute mark before my heart rate hit 160. Otherwise, I was cruising at about a heart rate of 145 with a feeling like I could stay on the darn thing all day.

My trainer, Jackie, told me that my body would start to acclimate quickly. I believed her, but I had no idea how fast the cardio would become manageable. It was pretty cool. I'm sure the strength-training will take a bit longer. I've only worked out with Jackie twice, so that will take a while yet. But it was sure nice to actually feel some progress being made.

First of many small victories along the way!

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