Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Sex" in the desert is DISGUSTING

Well, I went to "Sex and the City 2" as promised, and I actually felt sorry for the four women on the screen who I had once admired. Insulting to women, abhorrently insensitive to Muslims and just plain silly and boring throughout.

Musical numbers with Liza Minnelli and the girls singing a karaoke version of "I am Woman"? Carrie's former boyfriend Aiden shows up halfway around the world, just where she is, so he can add to the Big problem? (Yes, ANOTHER Big problem.) I think, worst of all, was the film's view on Middle Easterners. There's a scene where a group of women remove their burkas to reveal New York designer fashion underneath, because clearly the modesty of their culture must be a myth and that all women MUST be as shallow and wealthy as they are to care about such things. Although rivaling this moment for "worst of all," was Samantha's insistance on insulting the Abu Dhabi people by dressing scantily and engaging in blatantly sexual conduct in public. This movie made a joke of a major reason people in this area of the world hate us: Because Americans think we can go anywhere, do anything and say anything we want and nobody can touch us. We are the supreme beings, and everyone with different world views should watch and learn. ...Makes me sick.

I'm honestly disgusted. I hate that such a piece of trash could sour the series a bit for me. If there's a third film, and I honestly hope there is not, consider me "dead inside," as Lauren Graham said. I won't be there.

Here's a good review that sums up what I was thinking the entire time.

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