Friday, May 7, 2010

Kill Switch calls it quits

When you think of Mankato bands, there are a core group that come to mind. They’re the ones who have been plugging away at this music thing, playing any bar or club that will have them, to satisfy a core fan base that has grown over the years, but also to continue to grow as musicians and attract new listeners.

These hard-working musicians definitely have to love what they do. And, certainly, metal band Kill Switch — which has been at the helm of Mankato’s metal scene since 1998 — has loved it for the past 12 years.

“We have been holding down the heavy side of things in this town for about 10 years,” said Dan Wiechert of the band. “We’ve had the pleasure of playing an arena show — not very many bands of our stature can say that.”

But, there comes a time for every band when it’s time to move on. Kill Switch will perform its last gig Saturday night (5/8) at Midtown Tavern. And if you’ve never been to a show, now’s definitely the time to see what you’ve been missing. For those of you who have taken in a Kill Switch show, now’s the time to be reminded of what you will miss.

Guitarist Mark Bassett and drummer Jeremy Bode formed the band in 1998 after playing in a series of cover bands. Bassist Ben Jacobson was added in 1999, rhythm guitarist Mark Holman joined in 2000 and vocalist Danny Wiechert joined in 2005.

Kill Switch has prided itself on playing “skull-crushing, riff-oriented, groove-induced power-metal” over the years and call themselves “pure metalists” when describing their music.

Recordings have included demo CDs “Beta 1.0” and “Beta 2.0,” as well as 2004’s “What Doesn’t Kill Us ... ” and 2008’s “The Disaster Image.” They’ve opened for Drowning Pool, Saliva and American Head Charge.

Truly, a Mankato music scene success story.

Revilwen, Avado, The Hot Rod Heaters (featuring Bassett of Kill Switch) and Angry Waters (featuring Wiechert of Kill Switch) will also perform Saturday at Midtown.

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