Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Casey's gone, sniff sniff

I was a big Casey fan for the past few weeks on "American Idol." I always appreciate it when the contestants are really great musicians on top of being good singers. He's got a soulful way about him and is nothing like the kind of "Idol" contestant I absolutely can't stand: pop teens. David Archu-whatever is an example.

So I was sad to see Casey go. Wasn't it sweet when he picked up that little girl and sang with her on his lap? Awwwww. Any other year, I think he easily could have made it to the finals. But the competition was incredible this year. I still remain firm on one thing: If Mama Sox doesn't win, I'm boycotting next season. She's dominated all year.

Lee is definitely "most improved" of the season. He was forgettable and just kind of OK for a long time. But the last couple of weeks, when it's really counted, he's stepped up his game. Tuesday's "Hallelujah" was pretty incredible. Although, I think that song makes ANYONE sound pretty damn good, because it's an incredible song.

Until next week! Go Mama Sox!

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