Friday, April 23, 2010

Seth Aaron takes it all on 'Runway'!

The right person definitely won "Project Runway" last night. Seth Aaron had a great point of view, never shied away from it, and last night took it to a new level of sophistication.

The ever-arrogant "eSosa" (Emilio) on the other hand, got what he deserved. He took the elegance out of the equation for his collection, even though the runway show is supposed to be full of show-stoppers. Here comes a line of bright red sports wear, and one great dress. He's been so awful to other contestants, so disrespectful to Tim Gunn and so IN LOVE WITH HIMSELF that I couldn't help but smile as he was asked to leave the runway. "You are out." Indeed! ... Then came the biggest sore loser comment I've ever heard: "You don't have to be the winner to wear the crown," he said. Jeez. Get over yourself, dummy.

The reunion show right afterward was intersting. Emilio was still whining that he didn't win, embarrassing himself. And then they showed clips of his nastiness to throw in his face. But mostly it was the models and designers bickering amongst each other. Jay, who came in fourth, at one point said one of the models had "bad teeth and thick legs." It got awkwardly quiet, and then everyone told him how mean he was. What a butthead.

Anyway, I'm glad it's over. This season was weirdly boring. I need a break. I hope they wait a while before starting up again.

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