Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm not proud of this ...

... but I must tell you, I've watched every season of "Real World Road Rules Challenge," which has been, like, a dozen seasons by now. It's a TERRIBLE show. Basically: A dozen idiots stuck on an island or remote part of a tropical country, always half naked, half always fighting with each other, half always making out with each other, all forced to compete in physical challenges for the chance to win a few thousand dollars. It's just so very sad.

But there's just something so attractive and addictive, on that soap opera kind of level, about the stupidest, most hormone-driven young people on the planet acting out their basic instincts in half-hour increments. It's like watching the lowest common denominator of human being -- and I say this because they are arrogant, self-centered, poorly educated with an attitude of muscles and/or breasts valued over brains and/or compassion -- stuck in a cage with his or her peers, flinging dung at each other like monkeys.
The reasons people visit the zoo are the reasons I watch "RWRRC."

Anyhow, this season is "Fresh Meat 2." Which basically means a group of "pros" -- people who have competed in previous seasons of challenges -- compete against or sometimes with "fresh meat" -- people who have never been on the show before. When it's the newbies against the vets, it's always the newbies who get creamed. But it seems they may be pairing the vets with the new kids this time, which is a new spin on the show. I guess after a dozen seasons, they have to keep mixing it up somehow.

Wes the red-headed troublemaker is back. He's about as arrogant as a person can be. And the trailer is already showing a fight involving him. So, once again, it should be an action-packed season. Wednesdays at 9, I hope you'll cash in your TV-watching dignity with me for a half hour. It's the WORST show you won't be able to stop watching.

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