Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watch out for the March Mankato Mag

The March Mankato Magazine will hit stands in about a week and this issue is all about "Celebrating women."

Meet three diverse, successful women in the Mankato area who have overcome struggles to get where they are today.
Learn about MOPS, a group for moms of children ages 5 and younger.
Visit the home for veterans, a community where disabled vets get help and a community of neighbors and supporters a lot like them.
Also in this issue:
The Amazing Castle
Remembering el Seis
Wildlife photography

On the cover this month (pictured above): Maria Bevacqua is the director of Women's Studies at Minnesota State University and is one of our "successful women."

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  1. I love Maria Bevacqua, she inspired me to be more open about my feminism!