Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Now in paperback ...

Last year Diana Joseph's book "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way" was released, and a steady stream of great publicity came raining down upon her. For good reason. The book is so funny, and also sad, and a little nutty in the best of ways, and makes you wish Diana was a close friend. I think my favorite bit of publicity was by author Steve Almond, who I have a huge crush on, who wrote this.

Anyway, the book came out in paperback quite recently, and I had to give Diana a little plug and tell people they should go get it. (That means you.) I was fortunate enough to be at a recent reading at Barnes and Noble and got to hear one of the first essays of the next book, which picks up where "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way" left off. Who knows when that book hits stores, but you'll want to be ready when it does. So go! Shoo! Purchase and read. You won't be sorry.

Here's a link to Diana's blog. It'll help you get to know her a little before you read the book.

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