Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Project Runway": as effective as Ambien

I've been calling "Project Runway" this season my own personal Ambien. It's the darndest thing, but I can't stay awake if it's on. Even at my mom's house, with family scattered around the living room watching together, I dosed off 15 minutes before the end.

This fact has disappointed a couple of people who said they used to read my blog posts immediately after "Runway" broadcasts. As thrilled as I was to hear that I actually have a couple of readers -- woo hoo! -- I wondered if they were the exception this season. I just can't get behind anyone on the show this time. Anthony is my favorite, but not for his designs. I think he's funny and cute. My favorite quote of his so far: "Don't act up in front of company," he said to his teammate when Tim Gunn came to assess the in-progress garment they were designing.

But, anyway, I was curious if anyone else had the same trouble when watching "Runway." Do you find yourself thinking of other things? Reaching for the laptop to Google funny phrases instead of watching the show? Do you get inexplicably sleepy in the middle of the program? Or is that just me?

Thank goodness for Anthony. The rest of this cast keeps my interest as well as Olympic curling. (That means not well at all.)

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