Thursday, August 27, 2009

Runway Week 2: Big beautiful bellies

Winner: Shirin. (Yayyy!!!)
Auf'd: Malvin. (Well ...OK.)

What a fun challenge tonight: design maternity wear for Rebecca Romijn. I was impressed with most of the designers tonight. Not easy to make women look beautiful with a big beach ball under their shirts.

I thought for sure Minnesota Chris would be in the top three tonight. His had a great fuschia color on top, lots of volume and movement, and two pieces, which was a nice change from the majority.

I wasn't quite sure what they were thinking putting Louise's red lingerie style cocktail dress in the top three. It was tiered and bulky and had a big flower on the shoulder. Sort of like a pregnant woman in a bordello.

The other two top threes were fabulous, especially Shirin's with the coat and the longer merlot dress. She cinched in the waste just on top of the pregnancy belly, which drew attention to the belly, but in a classy, intentional way, rather than trying to hide it. And yay, she won!

The bottom three certainly didn't disappoint in extreme weirdness. Malvin had a good start with a black tank, but he covered it with a cream-colored sling that the judges called "the chicken egg." It looked like the model had already had the baby and was carrying it under the shirt.

R'amon took a serious turn from last week. He was one of my picks to go all the way, as you will remember. Tonight he made a purple and gray bowling ball case, as Mitchell pointed out. Not good, R'amon. You're making me look bad.

Once again, Mitchell proved he can't stand the heat. Last week he sent a sheer, floor-length dress down the runway that showed EVERYTHING. The poor model was practically nude. This week he made sad, poofy, matronly bloomer shorts. Brown, no less. Underneath a tight white shirt, no less! Straaaaange, Mitchell.

Yet, somehow, he managed to squeak by once again. What in the world these judges see in him, I have no idea. ...Although, I can't say I was sad to see Malvin go. "I guess I'm too conceptual for America," he said. Yep, if he thinks conceptual means freakish, then absolutely.

Off to give "Models of the Runway" one more try. I'm not thinking I'm going to get hooked on this one. I can't bring myself to care about whether they get a spread in Marie Claire magazine. I'm sure all 16 of them will be just fine.

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