Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Runway: Three Strikes and you're auf'd!

Winner: Ra'mon! Hurray!!!
Auf'd: Mitchell ...finally

Project Runway history tonight! Never has a non-team captain won a challenge, and never has a winning team partner been kicked off. BOTH happened tonight. Mitchell didn't do jack, so the judges finally got rid of the worthless Mitchell, despite the fact that his team (Ra'mon) had the winning design of the night. Ra'mon was credited for doing all the work and won the challenge, a huge comeback from last week's bowling ball bag dress. (Please note that both my picks have now won challenges. Ahem, ahem.)

Oh, the team challenge. Never a dull moment. I love when they up the ante and make them do a second look. It's funny how suprised they all looked when Tim came in and announced that. In the history of team challenges, throughout five seasons, have they never not done that? Do these kids even watch this show? Funny.

I had no idea how this one was going to go when they were working. Tim seemed to love everyone's except Ra'mon's and Mitchell's second look. Tim was absolutely right about that first attempt at a second look -- totally a scuba suit, and not even a cute one. A scary brown one. But, luckily, Ra'mon cut his losses and scrapped it and came up with something fabulous. Tim didn't really like Epperson's and Qrisyl's very much, either. At least not in the work room. I was on the fence. I actually kind of liked that green color.

Anyhow, on the runway, I really found it to be a tough call. In the end, I thought they all did a beautiful job. If I hated a look, it was probably Nicolas and Gordana's avante garde look. What the hell was up with the lacey tights? Their main look was beautiful. The skirt flowed out, and the top was fun and youthful. Honestly, I didn't feel like either of them deserved to go home for the terrible lacey number. The two looks balanced each other out. So I was glad the judges weren't forced to send one of them home. I guess we can thank Mitchell for that little save. He did something right for sucking even more than the worst look sent down the runway.

Hurray for Ra'mon's big comeback from the scuba suit! What a gorgeous green avante garde look. The beachy one was safe, I thought, which, overall, made me think they didn't deserve a top spot. But the second look was amazing.

I didn't think Epperson and Qristyl did a bad job with the beachy dress. That was nice and well made. Good print, too. Fun and botanical. But the weird, form-fitting avante garde jumpsuit is what resulted in their downfall.

Overall, I thought good calls were made tonight. We're finally rid of Mitchell, and I think we've got some very talented designers remaining. It will be tight competition. I predict Qristyl, Epperson and Nicolas are not long for the Runway. They come up with some pretty cool stuff, but they're the weakest.

On a side note, I wonder if producers or Tim give the judges a heads up on what went on in the workroom. They always seem to know exactly who to pick on and prod about how much work they actually did. Like tonight with Mitchell. It sure seemed like they were tipped off to the fact that he only really worked on the swimsuit. But, I digress. Just curious.

Until next week ... Aufedersein!

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