Friday, March 30, 2012

Mankato's very own soap opera

All the soaps are disappearing from TV, and you're hard-pressed to find a gal who wasn't, at one time or another, drawn into the twisted and steamy story lines of one of the greats. I will admit to being drawn into "Days of Our Lives" in high school when I was flipping through and saw that a woman had been buried alive. Gasp!

Well, folks, not all soaps are dead. In fact, at least one is just beginning ... and this one is beginning right here in Mankato. A woman who happens to be a pal of mine, who writes under the pen name K. Lawrence, has started a blog called Schuyler Square. It's a serial drama with about a post per day, and the story keeps unfolding as the days progress, just like a soap.

I shan't reveal to you K. Lawrence's true identity. It's all part of the intrigue, isn't it? But I did a Q&A with her about her fascinating new serial. Here's what she has to say about the happenings over there on Schuyler Square.

Q: First, there are probably many Mankatoans who are unaware of your storied past. Fill them in on your history as a best-selling romance novelist.

Hardly best-selling! Back in 2000 I had three romances published by Precious Gem, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp. Kensington had a deal with Walmart to sell Precious Gems exclusively. Unfortunately, the books sold well but not well enough for Walmart and Walmart canceled the deal. I have had a lot of romance published in Woman's World magazine. They are (I think) the only woman's magazine that still has regular fiction.

Q: A serial romance is such an interesting concept. How did the idea for your blog come about?

I have always loved soap operas but stopped watching them on TV years ago because they didn't seem drama-driven to me. They seemed to be more about how the actors looked than about story lines. It also irritated me how "old" was anyone over 35! I thought it would be fun to have a blog that was like a soap opera.

Q: Tell us about your leading characters.

The main characters are the Schuyler family -- Ron, Mavis, Brad and Tyler. Ron is a middle-aged millionaire and also pretty much a creep. Mavis is his semi-alcoholic wife, Brad is the conniving oldest son and Tyler is the clueless younger son. There is also Peter Van Husen, a hunky police officer, Veronica Channing, a woman from Ron's past, Veronica's son, Kirk and Rosa, the housekeeper who can't stand the family she works for, and Tiffany, the Schuyler's niece who has serious self-image problems.

Q: You've had about 12 posts so far. Without giving too much away, what's been happing over there at Schuyler Square?

The Schuylers are the wealthiest -- and snobbiest -- family in Schuyler Square. Veronica Channing, an old flame of Ron's, has just arrived and informed Ron that they have a 27-year-old son together. Mavis is about to have a fling with a handsome policeman, Brad and Tyler are trying to figure out why they are in such a screwed up family and cousin Tiffany has just moved in because she killed her mother in a car accident.

Q: On a scale of one cold shower to 10, what are we looking at here in terms of the steamy factor?

I'm not sure yet. I know it won't be ultra steamy but I hope I can make it steamy enough to be interesting! I have to type those scenes with my eyes closed, though. I embarrass easily.

Q: As long as people keep reading, will you just keep on writing about these characters and plot? Or do you foresee an end to this one and beginning anew with another story later on down the road?

I plan to introduce at least two other families and I want to make my posts similar to a soap opera. My goal is to weave the stories together so they are a little different every day.

Q: Why are the posts under the name K. Lawrence?

That's my pen name! Kate Lawrence. I used to watch a drama way back in the 1970s with a mom named Kate Lawrence. She was totally unflappable, had a great sense of humor and loved her family. I decided then that I wanted to be her some day.

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