Saturday, December 31, 2011

The "Fight to be Fit" results are in!

The verdict is in, folks! I'm declaring this fight a victory, despite the old Iron Man scale delivering one last kidney punch with a metabolic age reading that made me want to throw it through the window. (But then, it wouldn't be the Iron Man if it didn't elicit cuss words and seething rage.)

Without further ado (you have waited a whole year for this, after all), here are my year-end physique numbers ...

Total pounds lost: 74

Total inches lost (this was my favorite!): 48.25 inches!!!

Visceral Fat Reading: 8
(1-14 is the healthy range, so this was excellent news in terms of cardiovascular health, diabetes and the risk of certain cancers)

Metabolic age: 50 ...

As you may recall, one year ago my metabolic age was 50. Five months after that, it had gone down to 42. And now, 74 pounds lighter, it says I'm 50 again. Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you, Iron Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, there are my stats, folks.

I'm pretty darn pleased, going into the New Year, with this new lease on life. And I fully plan to keep it going and lose even more. The post below outlines my gratitude for those folks who played a huge part in my success this year, and it also lays out my somewhat humorous plans for the future. : ) Happy New Year!

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